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With a degree in Journalism and Communication from the University of Texas at Austin, Vinita , a communications consultant in content development grew up in a traditional family. Watching her own grandmother play traditional Indian games while baby sitting her children , Vinita was greatly fascinated by the subject. Thus, was born Kreeda in 2002, […]

Confluence of the traditional and the modern!

An interview with Smt. Smrithi Adinarayan of Anaadi foundation, a socio-spiritual organization dedicated to inspire children, youth and families to lead a self-reliant, sustainable and fulfilled life. With active research in Indian Sciences including Indian Astronomy, Ayurveda and Cognitive-Neurosciences from a Yogic Perspective and with educational programs that merge the traditional with the modern, Anaadi […]

Education for Sustainable living

“Sustainability in education means teaching principles of sustainability of life on earth. There is only one earth and now is the time to care for it by re-designing our curriculum to inculcate caring.” says Meenakshi of Puvidham. by Kavitha Srinivas Puvidham, which translates into “love for the earth” in Tamil, is the culmination of Meenakshi’s […]

The role of Traditional Games in Early Childhood Learning

Play is an impulse native to man. According to sociologists, play existed before the very existence of mankind, because animals played long before human beings walked the planet. It is but natural that play and the development of culture happened side by side, often influencing or mirroring the other. As human life grew more complex […]

TOWARDS AN INCLUSIVE SOCIETY…! In conversation with Lakshmi Satish

An interview with Lakshmi Satish of MIRRA Charitable Trust, Chennai, on their journey of over a decade to enable inclusion for differently-abled children in society. “Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists: it is making a new space, a better space, for everyone.” – George Dei With the belief that inclusion is the […]

The Art of Integrated Learning

by Sandhya Gopinath, Artist, Art Educator A High School Visual Arts Educator at the American International School, Chennai, Sandhya Gopinath is passionate about teaching teenagers and young adults. She has 12 years of teaching experience in international schools and other art institutions and has IB, AP and IGCSE accreditations. Sandhya has a Master’s degree from […]

Upskilling teachers for Nation building…

“The teacher is the maker of a nation”, said Chanakya, and rightly so! The New Education Policy envisages an India where the youth are empowered to build a strong and progressive nation. If that has to bear fruit, teachers have to be equipped to handle the changing needs and incorporate teaching practices which achieve that […]


The Art of Communication Assertive Communication Learning to build an assertive tone and communicate your message in a constructive manner Communicating professionally Building attributes of professional communication in the workplace Improving inter-personal communication Managing and building relationships through effective communication Making Professional presentations Building the ability to make compelling speeches and Presentations Writing for Impact […]

Storytelling – An effective tool to build socio-emotional learning in the classroom

-by Sowmya Srinivasan Psycho-educator, Chief Storyteller at Soul Space Storytell & Muktha Foundation.  Founder member, Bangalore Storytelling Society. Naked Truth walked down the road, but no one wanted to see her. People shooed her away, seeing her nakedness. Sad and dejected Truth sat down in a corner to ponder her fate. When her twin, Story, […]

Re-imagining education for the 21st century

An interview with Raaji Naveen and Naveen Mahesh of HLC International School, Chennai, who have become change-makers in the field of Education, while striving to find answers to some of fundamental problems in our education system. by Kavitha Srinivas The first Ashoka changemaker school in India, the first to offer a Diploma in Public Problem [...]

An octogenarian’s life journey as an inspiring Math educator!

An octogenarian’s life journey as an inspiring Math educator!

School ‘Culture’ and ‘Climate’ – Crucial factors to consider while selecting a school

School ‘Culture’ and ‘Climate’ – Crucial factors to consider while selecting a school

Emotional Intelligence and Ethics- essential adjuncts to STEM education

Emotional Intelligence and Ethics- essential adjuncts to STEM education September 15, 2020 Posted by: Naveed Category: Uncategorized , No Comments Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are undoubtedly essential; they are collectively considered the keystones of an advanced society, and have rapidly become the focus of our education system in India. STEM education helps students [...]

Professional Development of Teachers- An Essential Requirement for Quality Education in the 21st century

We are all currently overwhelmed by the unprecedented conditions in our lives, due to the Covid19 pandemic. This is more so for teachers, all over the globe, whose worlds have changed dramatically, overnight. With schools shifting to the online mode, teachers have no other option but to face the camera daily, to deliver a lesson. […]

Building Conscious Consumerism and Heartfulness

“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy” -Emma Watson Consumerism, as we see it today, has negative impacts on the planet. We are constantly taking from nature and have gotten to a place where we worry about the exhaustion of certain resources. It […]

Importance of Building Mindfulness and Empathy within the School environment

The current pandemic crisis has brought to the fore important questions around our aims of education. ‘Who’ we are raising in our schools has clearly become more important than ‘what job roles’ we are raising them to fill. We are seeing today more than ever before, the dire need for individuals, who have the dispositions […]

The NEP 2020 Effect on Teacher Education

The year 2020  will definitely go down as one that was host to many watershed moments, and  topping the list would be the advent of the pandemic, which has led to a shift in the way we define what is  “normal” about many aspects of our life –  from wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, […]

Enabling Active Learning through Online Mode

Active learning is a process that has the learner at its core and focuses on how students learn, not just on what they learn. Students are encouraged to ‘think hard’, rather than passively receive information. Active learning nurtures the brain, giving an extended opportunity to connect new and old information, correct previous misconceptions, and reconsider […]

Bridge, not a Break – advantages of taking a gap year!

“Don’t let school get in the way of your education.” This anonymous quote rings true especially now when the pandemic has created havoc across the globe and schedules have gone for a toss. It is particularly hard for children and those about to graduate from high school or college. Some common concerns are – ‘What do [...]

Re-thinking Future Ready Schools

educating of the masses to understand and accept these shifts in education, which will have pervasive, qualitative impacts on every aspect of our preparedness for the next decade.

Learning beyond limits…

A wholesome education is one imbibed with the right values to enable students to become responsible citizens, and caring human beings who can think and act with right discernment

Formative Assessment – effective strategies during remote learning times!

The school education space is dynamic; it is constantly evolving to keep pace with the changing times.

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