Empower the Leader in You

Who is this course for?

The experienced educator aspiring to a leadership position or those already in leadership positions in schools.

Who can register?

Schools, Colleges and Individual Educators


  • 30 hour programme over 10 weeks
  • 3 hours of online, faculty led sessions every week
  • Asynchronous work: 30 minutes every week

What do we offer in this course?

A Well-researched certificate course in leadership, with the support of an experienced faculty who will expose you systematically to elements of communication, problem solving, decision making and conflict management, while gaining insights into your own leadership style.

Course will include online, face to face sessions every week and offline assignments and reading.

Participants will be provided with notes, a workbook / journal and links to videos and reading material

Course delivery

Course will include online, face to face sessions every week, Asynchronous work and reading material.

Course outcomes

  1. Understand the basics of leadership; identify and develop those skills in yourself.
  2. Explore different leadership styles, and the importance of empathy and trust in leadership.
  3. Gain insights and learn strategies to improve your communication skills with assertiveness.
  4. Learn various techniques to address problem solving and decision making.
  5. Understand and learn strategies for effective coaching and mentoring
  6. Learn about growth mindset, agility, your strengths and set achievable goals.
  7. Understand and equip yourself with strategies of influencing and persuasion.
  8. Manage interpersonal differences. through various conflict management strategies
  9. Understand the need for negotiation and learn strategies to work towards mutual wins.
  10. Learn to use proven techniques to improve the quality of your feedback

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