Special Picks to transform the culture and climate of schools

Stand-alone CPD modules
  1. Schools
  2. Also open to individual teachers

For any school /educator who wants insights into these topics.

  • Well-researched certificate courses.
  • Course will include online, face to face sessions and offline assignments and reading.
  • These topics can be combined independently or combined with topics in Preliminary and Advanced courses to create specially curated training sessions.

Each individual topic is 2 hours.

Enhances Organisational capabilities, climate, and culture of a school. These modules help schools to reflect on their policies, processes, and procedures; align with, and even re-think their beliefs and mission to transform into highly effective, caring and enabling institutions.

  • Experts in Learner-Centric Pedagogy and Socio-Emotional learning as now articulated in the NEP.
  • Team of dedicated faculty with more than 10 decades of collective experience in teaching, training and coaching.
  • CIDTT certified Faculty (Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers)
  • Worked with top quality CISCE, CBSE, IB and CIE schools in India and overseas.
  • Committed to empowering educational institutions and educators be agents of social change.

Course Curriculum

Providing a safe school environment

The course enables teachers to understand their responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for their students both in the actual physical school and online environments. It prepares them to identify, and deal with instances of bullying, abuse, and other serious safety issues. It helps teachers collectively develop general policies and SOPs for safety and for dealing with crises situations in school.

Enabling Leadership among Students

The topic focuses on students becoming owners of their own learning and education; becoming confident leaders who can use their education as a tool to foster change in their own communities. Through case studies we see what skills and mindsets help children develop leadership skills needed today in various aspects of life.

Growth Vs Fixed mindset

This topic explores Carol Dweck’s authored famous book ‘Mindset’ that explains the fixed and growth mindsets we operate with. For teachers as people working so closely with children, this topic helps to reconsider our areas of fixed mindset and adopt a growth mindset in the classroom.

Effective Communication with Stakeholders

Communication is a very essential 21st century skill for a teacher. The teacher needs to relate to and establish good working relationships with a broad range of stakeholders apart from her students. This module provides teachers hands-on training in effectively communicating with students, parents and academic supervisors. It helps them to keep their professional communication suited to the audience, context and purpose.

Trauma Responsive Classrooms

The need to keep compassion central in the classroom in the post-pandemic world is vital. Our practices approaches to learning and education all need re-looking as we think of schools as spaces that are going to bring back children together. Children who may have had a range of traumatic experiences through the lockdowns. This topic helps teachers to prepare themselves to create classroom routines and to hold spaces for children to express freely and feel a sense of safety.

Teacher Well-being

The ‘self’ and spending time on it has many negative connotations in our busy lives. But the importance of nurturing a nurturer cannot be stated enough. This topic helps teachers understand the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of their own ‘wellbeing practice’. It makes ‘self-care’ as essential for a teacher’s own motivation and success in her work.

School shifts to the home- Strategies for online Teaching, Learning, and Assessing

This module provides teachers exposure to Google classroom, various tools of G-suite, and other platforms and tools to enable effective teaching and learning using a blended approach of synchronous and asynchronous sessions

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