Transforming as a reflective practitioner of active learning

Level 2 – Intermediate course

Who is this course for?

Educators who already possess a B.Ed degree, practising teachers with 2 years or more of experience.

Who can register?

Schools, Colleges and Individual Educators


  • 26 hour programme over 11 weeks
  • 2 ½ hours of online, faculty led sessions every week
  • 10 hours of asynchronous work

What do we offer in this course?

Well-researched  intermediate teacher training certificate course with the on-going support of an experienced faculty. This course will help you take a deeper look at your practice and provide you with research based strategies to address, group work, assessments and socio emotional learning while motivating your students  to become independent thinkers.

A reflective work book and links to videos and online resources will be provided.

Course delivery

Course will include online, face to face sessions every week and offline assignments and reading.

Course outcomes

  1. Learn to plan your questions effectively to stimulate thought and inquiry
  2. Explore Visible Thinking Routines from Project Zero at Harvard to enable students to become independent thinkers.
  3. Deep dive into Collaborative Learning Strategies to plan, implement and assess group work more effectively
  4. Understand the need, purpose and types of assessments at different stages of learning
  5. Facilitate Socio emotional learning in the class to become agents of social change

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